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Official logo of Borough of Crawley

Official logo of Borough of Crawley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So Many Loose Ends

Are there any other Downton Abbey fanatics out there? I mean the ones who sit (or lie) on the sofa every Sunday night and watch reruns from the last two weeks, then a new two-hour episode, until your eyes are dry and blurring, and your brain is saturated with visions of Sir Richard actually telling Lady Mary he loves her, or The Dowager Countess joining the Socialist party and running for office, or Mr. Bates finally ending his martyrdom phase and whisking Anna Mae off to their own little cottage.

Oh, this was the week that wrapped up Season Two. PBS Masterpiece Classic said it was the conclusion, and my heart nearly went into Meltdown. I mean there was to be a Season Three in the works. “Oh No, I can’t bear to live through a Sunday night without my Downton Fix,” I thought. My fears were for naught because PBS meant Conclusion of Season Two. Good thing, because there are numerous loose ends to be explored. Will Lady Mary and Matthew REALLY get married?  Will Sir Richard return with those bits of evidence that could release Mr. Bates? And will Cousin Patrick return to claim his inheritance (or was he an imposter?) And what if he does? What will happen to Matthew? Will Mrs. Patmore mind her own business and leave poor Daisy alone?

According to the official website, “The new series (Three) will be set in 1920 and 1921, and the drama will cover a period of 18 months in the lives of the Crawley family and the servants who work for them.”

Writer and Creator Julian Fellowes and Historical Expert Alastair Bruce have created a sensational and award-winning series, originating in the UK and soon overtaking the hearts of the American audience.They give equal attention to “under stairs” as to the aristocracy for whom they work. I especially enjoy watching how the two classes interact. Lady Mary and her maid, Anna, for example, advise and console each other while maintaining proper distance and respect. Respect and dignity are the heart and soul of this period drama, and I can’t wait for Season Three.

What do you do when you’re in Downton withdrawal?