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If you sit still for more than ten minutes, you will hear them whizzing past you like star ships heading for the next galaxy. I’m talking about the new whiz kids on the block, the latest i-thing, and the new jargon that goes with them. Heck, I never even bought a blackberry ten years ago, and though they are not as dead as a dodo yet, they are “under the radar,” as one box store clerk told me.

It is well-known that those of us of a certain age find keeping up a challenge, and I know this for a fact. Only two or three of my neighbors even have a computer (I live in a senior place). One sister-in-law does not use social media and is very adamant that I not email her about anything. She has a cell phone, and that is it. She has her reasons, and I am sure they work for her, but I am too curious to let the tech world pass me by.

It used to be that whenever I got stuck on something, I would email my VERY SMART SON, who is always helpful and usually knows what I am talking about, but after several back and forth messages and he writes, “Go for it, Mom,” I know he has reached his limit of questions. So it is up to me to figure it out, and that is probably good because it exercises my brain.

I propose that someone write a Tech Age Dictionary, or at least add Glossaries to the “How To” books. Now, I did a bit of research, and the only thing I can find that is remotely accessible is Babylon, a dictionary made in many translations, even a technology edition. But that is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack and is much too cumbersome for the likes of a Grannie like me, who just wants to know things like the definition of an RSS feed, an SQL database, or a Permalink. And after I add a new Link into the database, where does it go? I have no idea, because it does not show up anywhere. Please, someone, HELP!

Navigating the list of new devices is not quite as bad, but it does take some research and discernment to determine what if any of these would be useful in my life. iPhone, Smart Phone, iPad, iTunes, Kindle, Kindle Fire, and Nook are the names I know, and there are no doubt others I don’t. It doesn’t take long in any of the Big Box Stores to learn I have much to learn.

Since I am also new to blogging, and WordPress is still out there for me to learn, I went to Barnes and Noble at the mall today, hoping to find “WordPress forDummies.” I thought at least that might help. First of all, there is an entire wall of Dummy books on more subjects than I knew existed. There must be a lot of dummies out there. I found the one I was shopping for, and it was two inches thick. Yikes! What dummy would be able to handle that? So I looked nearby and found another thinner book with the title “Brain-Friendly, Head First Word Press.” That sounded about right for me, and I picked it up.

As I walked toward the front, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book chain is still alive and well, with shelves and tables stacked with every kind of book you might want and then some: classics like Jane Eyre, New Arrivals, and lots more in between. And there was the electronic reader right up front with demos on demand. Naturally, I could not find just one book and be happy. I browsed and found an enticing cookbook, with gorgeous photos, from a new cooking star, The Pioneer Woman. Now, I don’t need another cookbook, so I will take that one back. But I soon left the store $60 lighter. That is not good, but I will keep the WordPress book, even though I don’t know all they are talking about. After all, it is supposed to be Brain Friendly; and who knows, my WordPress blog may soon be more User Friendly and beautiful to look at as well.

Now tell me, are there any others out there with this problem? Love to hear from you.