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Out at the gazebo, where old men sit and talk

And the subject matter does not matter

But what does are wrinkled faces, replaced hips,

and long lives where memories stalk

the aged conversations, one-up-man-ship, and laughter.

And the laughter grows louder

As the stories grow longer,

The one that got away, or the ex-wife who wouldn’t stay

But strayed and got his money anyway.

A new grandchild is often their pride

And what the landlord did to make him cry

And he wonders why he chose this place to live

As sure enough that other place would give

Him much more for his money.

The weather today is cloudy, but tomorrow

They promise sun, and didn’t Bill find the one

Best place to play the slots, for in the week

He made lots of cash to spend upon his weakness

The lady of his life.

One fine day, says one, I will board a plane

And fly to Seattle to see my son.

Or he’ll fly home and we’ll go fishing and eat raw oysters at the shore

And laugh again together once more. It’s been too long and I may be gone

Before he comes. And my bucket list is nearly done.

It’s getting late, says the other. I think it’s gonna rain.

But this has been fun. Let’s do it again

Cause tomorrow they say the sun will shine

And why not go out for pizza some time. You owe me a beer

Remember last week? The first one smiles but does not speak

And finds an excuse to get out of his debt

Of a beer and a pizza and one lost bet.