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My daughter-in-law, Valerie, and a couple of friends in Pullman and at Washington State
Entrance sign to Pullman, Washington

Entrance sign to Pullman, Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

University were discussing an article on Facebook, Bucket list for kids: 50 things to do before they’re 12″ published by Globe and Mail, a Canadian news service. One thought
was that “bucket
list” doesn’t seem appropriate for kids, and another idea was to create two lists, outdoor urban environments and indoor environments,
since kids should be familiar with both.
There could be other environments too, but we are going to stick to these. The name of the lists has also changed, as you can see above.
The lists were compiled by Valerie, Peter, Alex, Derek, Eli Adrian and me (Joyce Adrian.) Peter is my son, Valerie is his wife, and the boys are their sons, ages 15, 13, and 11. We welcome your comments and ideas. Please add them to the bottom of this post. Thanks for visiting my blog and come again.
Outdoor Urban
1. Visit an art museum
2. Visit a science and/or history museum
Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago.

Museum of Contemporary Art – Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Go to a concert in the park
4. Explore an alley way
5. Document the dates on buildings
6. Ride an elevator
7. Go to an outdoor movie
8. Feed pigeons
9. Draw a mandala on a sidewalk with chalk
10. “Graffiti” an old piece of plywood or cardboard, using spray paint
11. Visit a fire station
12. Bring cookies to a retirement community
13. Buy something from a thrift store with their own money
14. See a city skyline at night
15. Sit in a fancy hotel lobby
16. Go to an art gallery, talk to the owner or manager
17. Watch a painter create a painting
18. Fish in a pond
19. Hunt for earthworms in the park
20. Play in a sprinkler
21. Get a tour of a bakery
22. Be a tourist for a day
23. Melt ice cubes on the sidewalk
24. Have a lemonade stand
Volunteer washing dishes after lunch at Our Fa...

Volunteer washing dishes after lunch at Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

25. Volunteer in a soup kitchen
26. Go to post office and make a transaction
27.Get your own library card
28. Meet another child of a different ethnicity or religion
29. Have a scavenger hunt
30. Plant a guerrilla flower
31. Ride public transit
32. Use a compass to navigate the city streets
33. Bicycle
34. Geo-cache or letterbox
35. Go to a farmer’s market, try a new vegetable from there
36. Blow bubbles at a fountain. This kind of bubble: http://www.orientaltrading.com/big-bubble-wand-a2-16_1210.fltr, not sticking a straw into the fountain
37. Do yoga or Tai Chi in the park/or watch others practice martial arts/fencing in the park
38. Make up a new game with sidewalk chalk
39. Go to a parade
40. Learn to throw a Frisbee
41. Visit an animal shelter
42. Have a picnic in the park
43. Go to the zoo
44. Tour the local newspaper office
45. Buy food from a street vendor
46. Visit parent’s workplace or school
47. Go to a field near the airport, watch planes take off and land
48. Play in a creek
49. Watch a neighborhood sporting event/root for a stranger
50. Play shuffleboard or bocce ball
1. Build a cushion fort
2. Sculpt with homemade dough
3. Draw a room long mural on butcher paper
4. Make a puppet show out of household items
Finger puppets

Finger puppets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Hug a cat
6. Have a pillow fight
7. Have a sleepover
8. Mix juices
9. Bake cookies
10. Make up a new recipe
11. Have an indoor camp out
12. Host a tea party
13. Read (or listen to) a book series
14. Have a bubble blowing contest-using dish soap, a 9 X 13 pan, and a straw
15. Paint in the bathtub with shaving cream
16. Send toy firetrucks down the stair case, repeatedly
17. Make a house out of cardboard boxes
18. Hug a dog
19. Have a dinner and movie night
20. Play in a kitchen utensil orchestra
21. Have a dance party in the kitchen
22. Learn how to cook eggs, spaghetti, and other simple meals
23. Make silly hats and wear them to a spontaneous party
24. Sprout a sunflower in a Ziploc bag or grow grass head http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/grass-head-guys-673724/
25. Make frosting and lick the bowl
26. Build a milk jug igloo
27. Read to your pet
A little dexterity is helpful in working with ...

A little dexterity is helpful in working with knitting needles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

28. Knit a scarf
29. Make clothes for a doll
30. Dump a ton of Lego blocks or other blocks onto a bed sheet, play all day
31. Paint a masterpiece
32. Have a boat race in the bath tub or kitchen sink. Possibly with wine corks for boats
33. Make a compass with a needle, a magnet, a cork, and a cup of water
34. Make a frog out of a cork and pipe cleaners
35. Play indoor tennis with balloons as balls
36. Write letters to relatives or overseas pen pals
37. Make a lava lamp out of oil and colored water
38. Invent a code and give a message to a sibling to decode
39. Write a letter in invisible ink (lemon juice)
40. Do a 500 piece (or more) jigsaw puzzle
41. Paper airplane race                                            
42. Push a powder puff across a table with a straw
43. Record a newscast
44. Write a family newspaper
45. Reveal a laser pointer beam with steam from a pot
46. Play with dry ice or liquid nitrogen (with supervision!)
47. Air guitar band with lip syncing
48. Have a balloon battle and/or balloon races
49. Fill a balloon with water and freeze. Smash with a hammer (wear eye protection)
50. Have a crumpled paper ball snowball fight