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English: Portrait of old woman sitting by a wi...

English: Portrait of old woman sitting by a window. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Saga Shifts
Now the single ageing aunt
whom no one knows with what to do,
I sit alone and ponder
the shifts of old age
as they maintain the saga,
proof that elders are in
dynamic duel with age-old forces all around them.
Elders not just old and useless
but in profoundly rich and ageless
Family shifts and cultural changes
that they alone can know.
I sit alone
in crowded rooms
uninvited to the luncheons.
Don’t they know that they will too
one day be old
and uninvited.
Patronizing, laughing, and unwrinkled
they know all and yet know nothing
of the joy of knowing much.
I sit alone in beauty ageing
and remember
wars and songs and children’s laughter,
those now gone
but still with us
in the wisdom left behind.
A brother gone, weddings,
and babies born.
Another brother succumbs to illness
brought on by age and unknowable disease.
And another climbs a mountain,
While still another becomes the elder of us all.
A sister sweet and beautiful has made her life
around her family,
And I work my wisdom into poetry and blog.
Age-old shifts in family structure
must be acknowledged for what they are.
I rise and smile at those around me
and watch the saga’s familiar rhythms
as they unfold.
old age at Rotchild BLVD

old age at Rotchild BLVD (Photo credit: shyb)