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         For Jim and Eric

Each of these wonderful young men passed away this year, 2012, within a few  months of each other. Each was a member of my family; Jim was my younger brother, and Eric was my daughter’s brother-in-law. Each died of cancer, much too soon.  I dedicate this page to Jim and Eric, and to all families who now have an empty space that nothing can fill.

Lining up for photos

And barbeques and meals

and playing with the children

There is an empty space.

Not showing up for playtime

Or baseball and croquet

No more jokes or doing chores

For there is an empty space.

What do you tell the children?

He is in Heaven, you say,

But what does that mean to young children

When they see the empty space.

The aching heart and the angry heart

will never be the same.

He is not here and

We cannot see him in the empty space.

At times we hear his voice

amidst the clamor and the din

In solitude and night-time

alone and missing him.

And he left some things behind

So we would not forget

The laughter, the love, and lessons he gave us

While on earth his allotted time.

God only lent him to us

And when his work was done

The angels descended to the earth

And took him home again.

And you should know

For God has told us

A joyous reunion awaits

And no longer will there be an empty space.

Jim Denham and sister Joyce
Portsmouth NH, June 2011

Eric Lundberg and sister Gretta