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By J.D. Adrian


Room (Photo credit: -bartimaeus-)

As I lay in bed

It was all in my head

Plans to organize and sort

My house and my life

All over again.

Now that I’m up and ready to go

I spot the box across the room

I call it the King Pin of it all

For that is where the cleanup begins.

If I empty that box

There is new space for DVDs

And DVDs once moved leave a place

For magazines that take up space

On the coffee table and floor.

The table now empty

Is moved to the wall

To hold the TV, the modem,

The router, the printer, and all.

Let’s see now, what’s next?

The trunk at the wall

Moves toward the sofa

Replacing the other now moved

Becoming the new table for coffee and such.

It is smaller, you see,

Than the other now moved

And that leaves more room for me

As I adjust to the walker

That assists my post-op mobility.

But wait, there’s more.

My nemesis, the desk,

Still waits for action

The papers, the lamp, and mail are calling.

The lamp is broken

And will be replaced

By another across the room.

Now there are three lamps, you see,

A requirement for each well-decorated room.

Out to the trash goes the lamp

And good riddance, I say.

But what of the papers

Removed from the King Pin box

The lost and forgotten receipts and files?

The first to be moved

Are the last to be sorted

The completed circle, you see,

The files now in place, the excess discarded,

And my world nearly peaceful again.

I will repeat these exercises over again

As time goes by, and as we all do,

And it occurs to me

That the one thing in life we all do the most

Is move things from one place to another.

English: A den or family room with a sofa or c...

English: A den or family room with a sofa or couch, coffee table, brick fireplace, mirror, windows, and curtains. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)