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A Year Past©
By J.D. Adrian
I waited the week for
The next email or call
Giving me
The dreaded news.
And when it came
Came also the tears, relentlessly
Crying out to the universe
Our hearts are broken.
He called me yesterday
Making sure I was okay
He said I love you and
I’ll see you later                                                                                                               
Though we both knew
The latter was not true.
Hospice so final
Nurses coming and going
Wife and children
Weeping and knowing
It would soon be over.
Best friend and
Brother’s unselfish devotion
His presence so steady
His love and emotion
I cannot reconcile
His most wicked indulgence
Vanilla ice cream
Against gun shooting monsters
Still damning the Earth.
 I feel his presence
 And hear his words
Always the teacher,
Kind, joking, laughing.
A year has past
He is at peace
As am I.