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To say that I am discouraged just about sums up my feelings right now. So much so that I have canceled my Move With Balance classes for now. Of the two students I had, one had medical appointments on successive Fridays, and the other has decided that it is too much for her. Yes, my friend Louise, who is 86 and has multiple medical problems, has told me it is too much along with the other exercises she does at the direction of her physical therapist. I did ask her to incorporate the activities she learned, and she told me she already does that. So, I told her I would check in on her once in a while, and we agreed that we each had made a new friend.

I asked the Resident Services Coordinator to cancel my hold on the room, and she said she would put a mention of the class in the newsletter. If someone really wants the class, then I will hold one, but otherwise I am finished. It takes a fair amount of energy and cost on my part, and I’m not about to continue without more response. It is not surprising to get this kind of attitude from elders. Most of them are not interested in something new, especially if it involves moving their bodies. At least that is my experience.

Now I intend to do some things for myself for a while. I am painting and will exhibit some of my work in November with a group I belong to.